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What can you expect from your Accountability Drone?

Never Stops Monitoring

While humans need to sleep, our Accountability Drones are always on, providing you with the most comprehensive accountability coverage possible. Optional dream monitor available for an additional cost.

Not Burdened by Empathy

Human accountability partners are just as flawed as we are. Machines do not have to worry about things like feelings and empathy. They will keep you on track for your accountability goals, no matter how it makes you feel.

Built-in Public Shaming

Even George Orwell would be excited about this Big Brother-style feature! Live-stream your worst flaws straight to your Pastor's computer, tablet or mobile device. Options include instant uploads to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and, for just $999/month, that big billboard in Times Square!

Detects Even Trace Levels of Rage

Would your mother blush if she heard the things coming out of your mouth after a meeting? Do you make “angry gestures” to the drivers around you on a regular basis? Our Accountability Drones come with built-in Rage-Detection and are equipped to handle the situation with the most time-honored submission tactics, including, but not limited to, tasing, hog-tying and auto-dialing your mother.

Impregnable Encryption

Many software-based accountability solutions have passwords that you set up yourself, and are, therefore easily surmountable. Our Accountability Drones set their own passwords. Once you turn it on and set it up, there is no getting around it's accountability programming. No bypassing this encryption!

Many More Customizable Modules!

Do you struggle with procrastination but plan to “deal with it later?” Do you always stay up until 3 a.m. and then say you’re “just not a morning person?” Are you binge watching reality shows and devastated when Chris doesn't give Becca a rose? Are you wasting time at work looking at cat pictures or playing solitaire? Our Accountability Drones have modules for all these and more!

What are customers saying about the product?

I’ve tried other ways to lose weight and get fit – Low Carb diets, Shakes, Energy Drinks.  Even going to the gym was a bust until the Accountability Drone. Now with its incessant nagging and spot-on GPS to locate me when I goof off, I’ve had the best results ever! (30 lbs so far!)

It follows me everywhere. No, seriously, EVERYWHERE!  I don’t have a minute to myself. If fact, if I could get my hands on it…

I’m a man who likes his Twinkies. I shamefully cram at least six into my mouth before bedtime then kiss my wife goodnight with bloated cheeks. But now, thanks to the Accountability Drone, no more Twinkies before bed. And I wish my wife goodnight with a clear mouth and an empty heart.

I really miss my Twinkies.

So, the other day, my wife, she says to me, “Eh, Tony. I’m going to make you an offer, and you can’t refuse. All right?” What am I going to say, ah? Well, here comes this whirrly bird following me around all da time. As if it wasn’t hard enough attending to my daily enforcement tasks, now this thing is even bustin’ my chops for evading taxes. Fuhgeddaboutit.

Relationships are built on trust, and the Accountability Drone makes sure I can trust my husband. I love the alerts it sends me when an attractive woman comes within 15 feet of my man. Best. Wedding. Gift. Ever.

This could completely change your life!